Performing SEO for EzineArticles Articles

Ive thought of a way to inflate the amount of exposure an article on ezineArticles receives. I’m going to use Wordtracker to find some quality keywords related to the topic and then incorporate them into the title. Simple, huh? Its handy for websites that are still in the Google Sandbox that are unable to rank even for uncompetitive keywords. I plan to write my next set of articles in such a way as to tempt the reader to this page. Its all about embedding the link in the right place in the copy which will require trial and error.

On the same issue, the 5 articles I copied over have been published – on average 3 times each. Not bad – that’s an additional 15 backlinks which ever way you look at it! Hopefully it’ll have some effect on my search engine rankings.

Hmmmm Ive to write 5 more pieces before I can apply to become a Platinum member. I doubt that my current articles are good enough though. Either way it’d be handy to be able to publish an article without having to wait a few days for it to be approved.

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