Selling Websites and Domains on Forums

Here are a few of the things that Ive learned so far from selling websites on forums. Ill add more as I become more experienced with this. Enjoy.

Try to get into the mindset of the buyer. For example, pretend that you are viewing your own listing as a potential buyer. What information would you be looking for? This should include screenshots proving revenue and traffic as well as the reason why you are selling the site in the first place. You should also state whether the content/scripts are original or not.
On the same topic I personally think its best to refrain from embedding images in your post. Rather link to the images of your traffic/revenue stats from the post. It’ll conserve a bit of bandwidth too.
If you are unsure about how much your site is worth, don’t list a Buy It Now price until you’ve evaluated how the bidding is progressing. Make sure you mention that you’ll supply the BIN at a later date. If you specify a certain time, ensure that you keep to your word and publish the price.
If no-one is currently showing interest in your site you might want to consider bumping the thread – but not in the crude ~bump :d~ way. Try to provide some additional information about your website that might attract more potential buyers.
Don’t be too hasty in reducing your BIN. It can be very tempting to do this if no-ones taking the bait and it can result in you receiving next to nothing for your website.
Be sure to state how you want to be payed. This is important. The last thing you want is misunderstandings about payment after the auction has finished.
And finally, never be afraid to put a reserve on your site!

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