SSH access

Oh joy of joys, another night spent fighting to master CakePHP once and for all. I think I’m almost there. See the thing is I wasn’t aware of the bake script until just there now which meant that I had to create all of the models/views/controllers manually.

Im in the midst of transferring my site over to Dreamhost since Hostgator does not offer SSH access, which is a pity because I haven’t had many problems with their service. Plus it runs off Cpanel. Ah well, at least this way Ill be able to use bake. I was thinking of using the exec() function in php instead of the prompt but this would have been overly awkward. Besides Id better get accustomed to using a shell interface – especially if I’m to transfer over to a VPS.

There is a cool feature in CakePHP called admin routing that allows you to build up backend interfaces separately from the world viewable code. Heh, I was creating applications were the backend was viewable to anyone and didn’t even give it a second thought. God. I should be locked up.

My e-cards project in work isn’t going that great at the moment, having difficulties with model associations. Hopefully I can iron them out tomorrow.

I forgot all about Thanksgiving. For everyone who celebrates it, have a good one!

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