Sunday Funday?

Ive spent much of today trying to introduce new features into the Gaming forums. The coolest thing so far has to be the ibProArcade system which allows members to play flash games for various rewards. I’m hoping that it makes the forum a little more sticky. Well see how it goes.

Wrote an article this morning on Neopets and submitted it over on ezineArticles. The review time of 2-7 days is a bit frustrating if you’re an impatient sod like me!

Ive also been tidying up the forums – moving some of the less popular forums into categories which should make the board look a little busier than it is. The forums are now visible to guests too which should help with getting the site into Google. On that note, I think I’ll have a look into buying some links over on Digitalpoint later on tonight.

Still got around $150 to spend of the so I’ll be looking into buying 1 or 2 smaller websites in the meantime.

I’m thinking of selling another blog of mine. I want to use the money to build a more specific site on dreaming and perhaps integrate a forum into it. Ill try to get the listing up sometime tonight.

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