Taking a trip

I probably wont update my blog until I get home on Wednesday. Seems a long time away! Ill re-invest any money that I may have left over from the holiday into buying more established sites I think. Its the way to go.

I want to establish a large portfolio of sites from now on – rather than aiming for any specific Adsense targets. Making sites for Adsense can be compared to styling your home to fit the needs of only one renter. When that person leaves you’re in a mess! Id rather concentrate on growing existing sites and then monetizing them when I see fit. Sites like houses will mature and increase in value on their own except in certain circumstances (like a huge algorithm change in Google).

I’m only going to sell sites that aren’t established from now on. Its too easy to disregard them as worthless if they are just sitting there.

Anyway back on topic! Edinburgh! It should be good. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever been on a plane believe it or not. I’m not scared of flying or anything, in fact Id rather be in an aeroplane crash than a car crash. At least when you crash in aeroplane you can almost be sure that you wont survive. I wont have to worry about being conscious of severed limbs or implements.

At which point did this post become so morbid.

So yeah, Im excited but I have to write a technical report for an ongoing project over the next 2 days. Not fun. Ill get it sorted though.

In the meantime Ill do a bit more SEO on my new site and kick back. Oh the Life.

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