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I’ve been toying around with Link Worth Calculator this morning and I must admit its fun seeing just how much links are worth to potential subscribers. $8 for a single link at the center of the page seems to be the most I could possibly generate at the moment which is a bargain for any advertiser, if I do say so myself :p

Out of curiosity I ran a few tests to see how much the same links would be worth on Google and I simply received a Haha Very Funny message. Cute. Seriously though I’ve noticed that the other blogging website is commanding well over $1000 a month from their outbound links, I wonder just how much more a link on the front page of Google would be worth.

As a guide I tested Bebo.com and it turns out that they could receive upwards of $48000 a month for placing 10 links on a prominent position on their website. I’m guessing that it wouldn’t even contribute 10% towards their hosting bills. It makes you wonder just how big operations like Bebo, Myspace and Youtube stay afloat. They must have to invest in a lot of their resources into manpower to help keep themselves in the black.

Heres hoping that over the coming months the value of my links reaches closer to $30000 than $3 a month! One can only dream!

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