The Importance of the Image Header

Do they say or mean anything? Are header images even necessary? The only reason I’m asking this is because they are everywhere! I’m interested in how they relate to the writers ambition and blogging style. Is there really even a connection there?

Ill start by referring to my own header, which is of a dark wintery street. When I selected it, I didn’t think oh I must have a dour image of my homeland to depress my visitors!. I picked it because I liked the color of the sky in the background.

Now that I think of it thought I think it suits the blog well, in that my posts can be a little bit dark at times.

Maybe if I changed it to something a little more motivational it’d serve to inspire everyone a little!

Branding and Header Images

Are we inadvertently weakening the impact of our brand by choosing a generic image over a custom logo? Is that even important if its a personal page?

Should a blogger select an image which is personal to them or one which reflects their ambitions to become an entrepreneur? I think we should ideally aim for both, after all its important for your audience to be able to relate to your site and have a positive brand experience. Still though positive brand experience makes it all sound a bit too impersonal.

I’m finding it difficult to decide whether to make my blog entirely personal or solely for reporting on SEO and Business. The trouble is both are linked and its a strain trying to serve two audiences. One of the central blogging mistakes was not being personal with your blog. I think I’ve made the mistake of being too personal with my blog at times, which has diluted my content and alienated you all a little.

I think if I can keep improving upon the content, I should be able to keep the melodramatics and my header image without causing too much disharmony. It would all contribute to the rollercoaster ride of the blogging brand experience! ~shoots self~

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