The Problem with Saving Great Content for Linkbait

If you’re new to blogging you’re probably gagging to be noticed by the blogsphere. There aren’t many better ways to achieve this than through creating a great piece of link bait, after all you stand the chance of receiving thousands of visitors in a day to your blog! This is where it gets problematic, you spend a few hours writing an article that’s intended to be linkbait, submit it to the social bookmarking sites and it gets absolutely no response.

Suddenly you feel as if the blogging community hates you. You retreat into your bunker clutching a glass of gin and a copy of Catcher In The Rye. It seems as if your blogging career is over before it really began!

There are only two real options, alcoholism and self pity or a positive response centered around creating valuable content for your readers. Think about it this way, people will only come back if they are intrigued by what they see. You might have read a cool article on Digg about the 10 Best Ways To Avoid Shitting/Or Pissing Your Pants When An Angry Dog Makes For Your Genitalia but can you honestly remember the sites URL? Probably not. Ive read loads of cool articles that have been lost in the mists of time simply because the sites weren’t good enough.

So if you’re new and disillusioned, either get out of the game now or start writing compelling content for your audience. Its not as hard as you might think, especially if see each post as an investment and that every new idea contributes in someway. Don’t worry about being wrong or ill-informed, you can always correct your errors at a later date and add more to your site by explaining WHY you were wrong.

When you’re nothing but a blip on the blogging radar, there are ONLY opportunities. Always seek out the opportunity instead of being overly cautious. There is nothing to lose unless you value your sanity!

In summary, dedicate your content to your visitors and your fellow bloggers rather than the faceless angry mob. Its the sounder long-term investment.

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