Update on the Google Supplemental Changes

Some of you might remember that I started a case study for this blog on its appearance in Googles Supplemental Index, thanks to what I believed was the duplicate content filter. Back at the start of March, Google traffic counted for 16% of my overall traffic. In an attempt to increase this figure I began removing unnecessary elements from the single post template in WordPress in order to concentrate the post content on each page.

Im glad to announce that Google now brings in almost 50% of my traffic!

I think with some SEO my blog could really start performing in Google. At the minute it isn’t optimized one bit. Ive been procrastinating over optimizing the index page in particular. I mean who am I trying to target? Webmasters? Other entrepreneurs? Which keywords should I optimize the page for? Here are a few ideas (Ill feed them through Wordtracker and the Google Adwords tool when I get home)

Sell domains
Make Money Online
Young Entrepreneur

Ill optimize each of my post categories for two different keywords as well. In the past Ive found that this can dramatically increase search engine traffic. Itll be much easier to generate keywords for the categories as each is tailored to a specific topic (domains, web development, blogging etc). Since I’m covering so many different topics its hard to find some middle-ground for the sites index. I guess Ill have to think of something that ties all of the categories together.

Whilst bringing in organic traffic is desirable, I’m struggling at the minute to cater for my existing readers. I think if I continue to improve the content and manage to stick to a proper update schedule then my blog will spread by word of mouth.

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