XML problems with Text Links

So yesterday I inserted the Text Link code into the includes file for my sitee fully oblivious to the fact that I’d just crippled the rest of the my site.

How? Why?

Well Text Link seems to make use of an XML file which stores the ads that will appear on your site. By default this is a relative URL in the form of

$LOCAL_XML_FILENAME = local_80767.xml;

This will work fine as long as your site isn’t divided up into sub directories and the xml file is kept within the folder where the rest of the files appear. This isn’t the case with my site which meant that most of the site was inaccessible for a period last night. Doh!

I resolved the issue by inserting the absolute URL to the XML file, in my includes. The really annoying thing is I created a new Stalker tool last night which sent an extra wave of traffic to the website and Ive failed to capitalize on it. Grrrr. These things happen though I guess.

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